Possible Solutions For Aid to Recovery for War Veterans with PTSD

As discussed in this article published in 2011 by Dr Alastair Clarke-Walker, currently the UK has more war veterans than at any time since the Second World War. In the words of Dr Liam Fox MP; “it is a time bomb about to explode.”

This article discusses possible solutions for war veterans and their families. As a Solution Focused Therapist, I believe strongly that Solution Focused Therapeutic sessions can be part of the healing process of PTSD for war veterans and their families. Solution Focused Therapy sessions can help towards their integration into their social and civil environment, including employment, by discussing how they feel that therapy might help them and what needs to happen for them to feel it has, to explore the strengths and life skills they already have, to work towards developing self confidence, how to make possible small steps towards their preferred future, to explore if there are already small parts of that preferred future happening and by assigning therapeutic tasks that will involve looking for changes that are occurring between sessions. I would also like to add that by being able to tell their stories and being heard, we will be offering a supportive network to war veterans, which might be the first small step to their recovery.

I recently read that the US government is now recruiting psychologists that work in a Solution Focused Therapeutic way to aid veterans in their recovery from PTSD. I cannot find this article on line now. As soon as I have found it I will post it to this Blog.

In the meantime, I suggest that if you are interested in how we can support war veterans in their recovery, to read Dr Alastair Clarke-Walker’s article.


Claudia van Zuiden is a member of the UKASFP (United Kingdom Association of Solution Focused Practitioners) and is available for sessions in Solution Focused Therapy for clients, is an International Speaker and facilitates workshops in training Solution Focused Interventions in the UK and abroad.

Photograph: http://fusible.com/2011/10/is-google-launching-an-initiative-for-war-veterans-domains-hint-at-program/

Happy 2012 Solution

Wishing you all a beautiful 2012, this year my Solution is focused on love, compassion and calm abiding in the heart, so this ripple can travel to all that connects. A weekly meditation with this intent will be held at my home, on monday evenings, 7pm GMT, more information how to participate will follow on this page soon. You can also allow yourself to find a space, preferably daily, where you can connect with that place within where all is calm, this might help with how you connect with your emotions, with your relationship to others and how you live your life. Find yourself a safe space, switch off the phone and sit straight, or ly down. Make sure you are comfortable. Then bring your awareness to your breath and just observe the breath coming and going, like a gentle wave in the ocean. Don’t judge it, just follow it and observe the quality of your breath, is it a shallow breath or do you open the lungs. You can also just count the breath, how many seconds does your inner and outer breath last. Then just observe the body becoming less tense, softening. Start with five minutes a day, or every second day, or even once a week. Observe how you feel the rest of the day after each meditation. If you feel it helps, do more of it. If you don’t like it, try something else that works for you.  Be gentle and kind to yourself. Best wishes, Claudia.