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MAY 2019:
october 13, 2019 _ 10_00 Am the california beach in san diego
Yoga Mini Retreat – The Nature of Yoga; The Path of Total Well-being and Stress-Management

This Retreat will be lead by Claudia van Zuiden

Date: Saturday 25th May 2019
Time: 1 pm – 4 pm
Venue: the Pilates Hut, Inchmarlo, Banchory, Scotland, UK

This workshop/ Mini – Retreat will include Meditation, Pranayama, Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

At this workshop/ Mini-Retreat, you will learn some helpful meditation tips and get a chance to practice them. Also you will be shown how to relax the mind more when it is really busy with many thoughts. These techniques are really beneficial for stress management and generating vital energies.

You will also learn some breathing techniques (pranayama), full body relaxation techniques, mantras (chants), mudras (hand-gestures) and gentle classical Hatha Yoga asanas (poses). Some of the poses will be especially focused for detoxing the body of toxins that are build up in the organs and tissues of the body. This will help you you become less sluggish and tired and will help you to feel more energised. With discernment and intention we can clean/ detox what is not been helpful and connect with gratitude with what has been working, so we know what to give more energy to and what to let go of.

During the Yoga Nidra you will be guided through a Yoga practice whilst lying down and this will be a full body and mind relaxation, however you will be still fully aware. You will be guided how to connect with your Sankalpa, which will support the creative energy to manifest your true purpose or heart-wish in your life. You will be guided to make your OWN Sankalpa. Sankalpa is the internal vow that one makes to support the highest purpose in life and the creative unfolding of your soul journey.

Sounds like this might be for YOU?

This will be a class of gentle yoga for BEGINNERS and ADVANCED practitioners.

No Yoga or meditation experience needed. Please wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a blanket. Please do not eat a heavy meal two hours before your class.

Feel free to share this event. Thank you SO much.

Costs: £35 pp
ALL levels welcome – booking ESSENTIAL by email:

JUNE 2019:
  • The next Finding your Happy: 16 Guidelines for Life Level 1 Training in Scotland, UK will be held on Sat 1st and Sun 2 June 2019
  • Learn how to: 
    Increase emotional resilience and confidence
    Improve relationships
    Achieve a greater sense of well-being and purpose
Finding your Happy: 16 Guidelines for Life
How we think -How we act – How we relate to others – How we find meaning in life
Practical tools inspired by Buddhist philosophy for making life better whether your greatest challenges exist at home, work, community or the world beyond. The Finding your Happy: 16G for Life workshop is suitable for people of all ages, beliefs and cultural traditions.
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For bookings and further information:


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The 16G are a practical tool for making life better. They provide a simple, robust framework for reflecting on how we think, speak and act, and for creating causes to experience lasting happiness and meaning.

The 16 Guidelines programme provides a simple, robust and flexible framework for developing empathy, compassion and resilience in daily life, suitable for both educational curricula and for personal and professional development.

The programme offers a range of practical tools and resources designed to promote reflection on the way we think, speak, act, and find meaning in life, presented through a mixture of exercises, group work and discussion. Benefits include:

  • increased emotional resilience
  • better relationships, at work and at home
  • a greater capacity for insight and personal reflection
  • a greater sense of well-being, confidence and purpose

Discoveries in neuroscience suggest that each of us has the potential to continue developing and transforming our minds, from birth until death. The 16G can help us to do this in a way that will benefit both ourselves and others. If you change your mind, you change your life.

The 16G were inspired by the 16 Human Dharmas, an ethical code written by King Songsten Gampo in 7th century Tibet to guide his citizens. The code played a crucial part in the transformation of Tibet from a warlike nation into a civilisation renowned for its peace and serenity. So the 16G are a contemporary presentation of ancient wisdom. They are decep- tively simple words which appear in all of the spiritual, religious and philosophical traditions of the world – even if they aren’t always put into practice. If we learn to apply them to real-life situations, they demonstrate a capacity to transform our relationships, help us to make wise decisions, and bring us peace of mind in difficult of circumstances.

Claudia is an international accredited facilitator in the Finding your Happy: 16 Guidelines for Life training pathway.

About the two-day workshop:

The Level 1 is a two-day course that introduces participants to the 16G and the framework of the four Wisdom Themes. Using interactive and experiential methodologies it gives inspiration and skills to apply the 16G in everyday life.

Participants are guided in personal explorations using the Guidelines as frames to analyse the way they relate to their experiences. The programme offers a range of practical tools and resources designed to promote reflection on the way we think, speak, act, and find meaning in life, presented through a mixture of exercises, group work and discussion. The skill of mindfulness is fundamental to all applications of the 16G so instruction and practice in mindfulness are included.

Benefits include:
• increased emotional resilience
• better relationships, at work and at home
• a greater capacity for insight and personal reflection
• a greater sense of well-being, confidence and purpose

“The minute you live in the Guidelines, your life will change.”

Lama Zopa, Honorary President of Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom

About FDCW and UECW 

The Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom (FDCW) is an international non-profit organization established in 2005 with the aim of creating and disseminating educational programmes and resources based on universal human values which enable positive, long-lasting, personal and social change. FDCW takes forward the vision of the late Lama Yeshe for Universal Education which enables people to develop to their full potential, addressing their totality as a human being.

Universal Education for Compassion and Wisdom (UECW) is a secular approach to inner development that empowers people to lead a happy and meaningful life and to be of service to others. UECW is rooted in Buddhist philosophy and psychology and deeply influenced by contemporary science and the universal wisdom of the world’s philosophical, spiritual and belief traditions.

FDCW aims to bring together science and spirituality in a contemporary experiential style suitable for people of all ages, beliefs and cultural traditions. The Dalai Lama is the Patron and Lama Zopa is the Honorary President. FDCW is affiliated to the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT).

At the suggestion of Lama Zopa Rinpoche the first UECW programme developed by FDCW was the 16 Guidelines for Life (16G). Since the launch in Sydney in 2006, the 16G have been adopted by thousands of people in over 24 countries, and catalysed a wide range of activities in education, youth work, health and social care, prisons, business leadership, family support, and community activism. The 16G are an inspiration for taking action to benefit others and self, and they offer a simple, practical framework for doing this.

References and Resources:

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JULY 2019: 

Meditation and Yoga Nidra


Recharge, Rejuvenate and Renew – A Women’s Retreat
with Claudia van Zuiden


🌟🌟 I am so looking forward to be holding a Women’s Retreat at the amazing Buddhist place called Vajrayogini, Lavaur, France in July this year.

🌟🌟🌟Do you need a weekend to re-charge, restore and rejuvenate yourself totally???

Most of us need to sometimes take more ‘time-out’ to fully get back to who we are as our busy lives is so filled up.

At this Women’s Retreat you will explore:
• How you can live healthier and happier
• Explore how to become more mindful of your thoughts and actions
• How to be more often conscious in how you live your live
• How you relate to your self and to others
• How to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions
• A daily practise in Yoga and Mindfulness
• Easy and practical relaxation techniques

As women, often we are feeling tired because we look after many people/causes and don’t really look very well after our own well-being

At this Women’s Retreat you will practise:
 Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Mindfulness Meditation and you will be learning about the 16Guidelines for a meaningful and happy Life

 All of these will give you tools to Thrive in your Life – to help you to become the person you really want to be and how to sustain your energy-levels

 Booking is essential due to limited spaces


Dates: Friday 19th July 7pm – Sunday 21st July at 5pm

You will be able to have free time also to enjoy the magnificent setting of Vajra Yogini Institute.


Registration, Dinner, Meditation and Yoga Nidra

Meditation, Yoga, Mindful Walking, 16G Interactions, Rhythmical Drumming, Musical Peace Ceremony.


Meditation, Yoga, 16G Interactions, Yoga Nidra, Mindfulness Practice, Nature Walk, Conclusion.

Food (Vegetarian) and Board will need to be booked through Vajra Yogini Institute separately.

No prior yoga, meditation and musical experience necessary – please bring your own drum if you have one.

Price for Retreat only starts at € 108 per person.
– € 149
– € 108 for concessions

For bookings:

Tickets are now available on line:

Claudia van Zuiden is a Solution Focused therapist, coach and an active member of the 16G Accredited Faculty. She teaches Meditation, 5 Tibetan Yogas, Hatha Yoga, and Workshops in Life -Skills and Team building.
She is the founder of Solution Ways: a holistic solution focused practice for wellbeing, the founder of the Wo’Moon Circle of One and founder of the Hive.

16 Guidelines for a Happy Life (16G) are workshops and tools based on a set of values that aim to encourage positive qualities in your life. They help you to change how you think, how you act, how you relate to others and how you find meaning.
The Guidelines use mindfulness and group exercises based on compassion and ethics and are designed to enhance your mental wellbeing, strengthen emotional resilience, and build positive relationships and communities, bringing happiness to you and those around you.

About the facilitator:

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