Community Projects

Claudia van Zuiden, Director and Founder of Solution Ways, founded and continues to support the following community projects:

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Thriving People, Thriving Planet

Conscious Food for Thought, is a co-creation by Alexandra van Rijen and Claudia van Zuiden to inspire and empower people to lead authentic and ethical lives in harmony with nature and community. We seek fulfilment by cultivating meaningful lives filled with purpose, connection and belonging.
How do we do this?
Creating Conscious Events. We organise inspirational events, where change-makers from varied backgrounds , share their knowledge and experiences.
Empowering Community. We aim to connect people through discussion, reflection and food. Our vision is to inspire and enable people to share how to live an ethical, sustainable life and how to thrive. We encourage people to become aware that actions can make a difference and lead to positive change.
Celebrating Life. Through sharing holistic food and meaningful conversations, we aspire to make this world a happier, more joyful, loving and kinder place for all.
Founders: Alexandra van Rijen, Claudia van Zuiden

The Hive

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‘The Hive’ (started in 2013) is a support network and platform for business women, women entrepreneurs, women in leadership roles, women who are looking for inspiration to continue their creative and productive ideas and/or any other women who feel that they might benefit of actively participating in this group. There is a Facebook page for this group called The Hive

Wo’moon Circle of One

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The ‘Wo’moon Circle of One’, is an local and international platform for women to empower, support and inspire each other, was created in 2005.  This group has now grown to three sub-groups, where each group specialises in specific age-groups and topics related to these groups and is run by a core group of women who voluntarily support other women. In 2012 Claudia was invited to Poland to co-facilitate a weekend in leading women to learn skills for empowerment and well-being. There is also a Facebook page for this group which is called:Wo’Moon Circle of One

Earth Guardians Scotland

EG Scotland

As an outdoor person Claudia believes we all need to take positive action for climate change. She decided to join the Earth Guardians Group and started the group ‘Earth Guardians Scotland’, where she with others, mentors young people to become positive climate change leaders and mentors themselves. The Facebook page for this group is called Earth Guardians Scotland and is worth a visit.

For more information about the Global Earth Guardians Project please visit:

The Peace Art Project

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In her free time Claudia is a keen photographer and painter. Art can be used as a form of therapy and Claudia has been facilitating  therapeutic art projects for over  20 years. In 2015 She started The Peace Art Project, which has the vision to promote Peace and plans to facilitate collaborative, creative days with other people who hold that same vision. The art items need to express some sense of representing Peace and a percentage of the art items being sold will be donated to projects/ charities that promote a peaceful world.

The Peace Art Project is part of and promoted by Solution Ways.

If you would like mentoring in how to start your community project please get in touch with Claudia by emailing her: to discuss how she could help you.