Team Building Workshops

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Tweedaagse Masterclass Oplossingsgericht Leiderschap en Teamcoaching – Claudia van Zuiden – 9 en 10 november 2020 – Solutions Centre, Soesterberg, NL

Tweedaagse-Masterclass-Oplossingsgericht-Leiderschap-en-Teamcoaching-scaledTeam Building Workshops: Focusing on Progress and Strength

Are you a Solution Focused and Progress Focused Leader?

Do you want to take your team to a place in the work environment where they feel inspired, motivated and valued?

At Progress Focused Team Building Workshops, we will explore short- and long-term  goals and how to achieve these with your team and set a time frame and you will learn ‘measuring progress’ techniques and how to use these for progress towards your goals.

Focusing on the team’s strengths and skills, we will explore previous team-successes and identify how the team got there. We will use every minute of the workshop to bring you closer to your goals and explore how to continue and increase the motivation of your team. Together, we will explore personal- and team-confidence levels and how to improve these. These workshops are fast, radical and can be hard work and it is a workshop where you learn to continue to inspire people rather than dwelling on their short-comings. Does this sound what you have been looking for for your team? Then let’s talk how we can help you too to get the best out of YOUR team.

Half day and whole day workshops available.

  • Maximum of 40 Workshop participants

Please get in touch by email or phone to discuss how ‘Solution Ways’  ‘Progress Focused Team Building Workshops’ can be suited to your Business/ NGOs/Project needs.

E:  TL +31 (0)629373900

KSA Group foto.jpeg

Team Building workshop for KS Architects, Montrose, Scotland, UK.


Charity Alzheimers Scotland, “Solutions for Well-being Training for Staff”


The Hive, Women in Business Training, Scotland, UK


16 Guidelines for Life Level 1 Trainining, Findhorn, Scotland


Jamyang Buddhist Centre, London, Team Building Day (photo credit: M. Troia)

Previous Team-building Workshops:

  • Aberdeenshire Council, Scotland
  • Alzheimers Scotland, Scotland (Charity)
  • Jamyang Buddhist Centre, London
  • KS Architects, Scotland
  • NHS Grampian, Scotland
  • Tripple A, Scotland (Charity)
  • Himalayan Healers, Nepal ( NGO)

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