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van Zuiden

Hello! Besides working as a solution focused coach & trainer, I love reading and spending time with my family. When I am not working, I love to be in nature and to write about things that matter and are meaningful to me.

I am so happy that to share the first book about Norah with you all!

I so loved writing the story of these two amazing friends. Would you like to know how they became friends and how their story gave them a purpose and a sense of hope, not only to themselves but also to many others?
Click here to purchase the book for the UK and here for the Netherlands, so you can find out!

Here is what people say about the book:

Norah the Polar Bear’ is a beautifully written story about how climate change is impacting our world today.  However, it is much more than that. Woven throughout the story you will learn about solution focused thinking and skills, resilience, the benefits of living in a mindful way, the importance of ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’ and how everything is always changing. 

As a former teacher and head teacher, I believe this would make a very good book study for a class.  The discussion points at the end of the story provide many opportunities for further learning. 

As a Granny to a growing brood of grandchildren, I think it would be a lovely book to snuggle up with, to nurture an interest in the ever changing world that we are living in today. Our grandchildren are our future!”  – Gillian Watt, Former Headteacher Monymask Primary School, Founder AndBreathe, Scotland, UK.

“I love the book! I am in awe at how many important messages and themes you managed to cram into it whilst still keeping the overall feeling simple and uncluttered. The characters are endearing. I love it’s positivity. My instant reaction was that I wanted to share it with all my colleagues and shout “Read this to your class! As well as being what children need to hear and discuss, it hits LOTS of outcomes on the curriculum. I will wait until it is published then recommend it to everyone.

Your book was an absolute hit with the children. They love Norah. We read the story in two parts. I then gave the children little pieces of paper to write down their very first thoughts after listening to it and what they would like to say to you. The children, I think, have fallen in love with you through your words. They were full of encouragement and want you to write more stories. You will love reading their comments.

They are so excited about it all. You and your book have really captured their imagination.

I wish you lots of success with your book. It really is wonderful. I’m not saying that because I want to make you happy, it genuinely is amazing. I know lots of teachers who are looking for a positive way to engage children in learning about climate change and you have created it.

This uplifting book provides a refreshingly positive approach to addressing the challenges of climate change with children, in a way that is filled with inspiration and hope. Claudia’s captivating characters instantly befriend the reader, opening their eyes and hearts to the wonders of the world. Their friendship creates a strong space where children can feel safe in the knowledge that they can dream big and find solutions to the challenges facing our natural world. This is the book those working with young children have been yearning for. Not only does it tackle the complex topic of climate change in a way that is pro-active and filled with hope, it quietly teaches children valuable skills and attributes to support them in achieving their dreams. Every classroom should have a copy of this book. It is sure to become a well-thumbed favourite tale as Norah and Marcin settle themselves in the hearts of children around this beautiful world.” –  Lorna Lees, Mortlach Primary School Teacher, Dufftown, Scotland, UK.

“Hi Claudia, I loved the book. It is so good that you love animals. And please can you write a part 2?”  – Isla, age 8 years, Scotland UK

“Hi Claudia, I loved your book, it was amazing. Next time can you make another book because it was good and if you have Teams, you can call the teacher and read the book to us please?” –  Alexis, age 9, Scotland, UK

“Dear Claudia, I think your story is  very good. I think you should keep writing stories as it was amazing.” – Leah, age 7, Scotland, UK

“The story is brilliant. You should keep writing stories.” – Louise, age 7, Scotland, UK

“Hi Claudia, the book was good. I felt happy about that book. ” – Donald, age 7, Scotland, UK

“Hi Claudia, the book was amazing. The best I ever I read.”  – Jack, age 8, Scotland, UK.

“Dear Claudia, I loved the story. I think children will love it. Please make this story into a book.” –  Lexi, age 8, Scotland, UK

“That was brill! Keep on writing more stories!” –  Dylan, age 8, Scotland, UK.

“To Claudia, kids should hear this.” –  Adam, age 7, Scotland, UK.

“Dear Claudia, I loved your book. I want to buy it.” –  Alfie, age 9, Scotland, UK

“Reading this book transported me to a place of wonder. Thank you for writing this lovely story. I really appreciated the themes of relocation and isolation and what it means to belong, gently illustrating how we can adjust to new ways of being and respond to our new environment in positive ways when we least expect it. Sometimes the connections we find with beings different from ourselves are surprising. This tale uses the innocence of childhood and a pure desire to bond to make even the most unlikely interactions possible.” Magi Winmill-Hermann, UK

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