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Claudia van Zuiden Bio

Claudia works from Bussum, near Amsterdam, The Netherlands and internationally.

All her Therapy and Coaching sessions are solution focused based and can be delivered both in Dutch and English.


I offer OnetoOne Coaching sessions at my office. If you feel that you need support or would like to transform some aspects in your life, or ‘get unstuck’ and/or unlock your potential then I can help you. If you would like to discuss how I can help you then please send an email to

Prices on request


LIVE | LEEF – Personal Leadership Programme

I also offer Transformational OnetoOne Coaching Sesions as part of my own developed program called:

LIVE | LEEF – A Personal Leadership Program

LIVE | LEEF  is a philosophy born of the idea that everyone can reach their full potential as a human being. This is possible with the right tools and by continuing to develop and transform. FREEDOM is the feeling that arises when we change old and / or unhelpful patterns and ways of thinking, into JOYFUL LIVING, INNER POWER and COMPASSION to ourselves and to others. During this programme, I will share with you the tools that lead me to unlocking my own potential and living the Life that I dreamed of, so that they may help you to do the same.


How you can experience FREEDOM in your heart.
How to attract joy in your WORK and RELATIONS.
How you can achieve goals.
How to build up your INNER POWER.
How to find your meaning and purpose in life.
How your LIFESTYLE determines how you feel.
How to HEAL old pain.
How you can be in BALANCE with male/female energy.
How you can prevent and / or cure burn-out.
How your thoughts and actions determine your reality.

LIVE | LEEF is a Personal Leadership Program that is designed by Claudia van Zuiden.


I feel that it is no surprise that you are reading this, if you want to find out more and consider joining e-mail me at to request an FREE Introduction Call.

Prices for this Program are on request

Holistic treatments and Yoga


Claudia teaches Yoga and Reiki internationally

Reiki Treatments and Training

Usui Reiki II Trainingscursus / Professionele Reiki Therapeut

Datum: 12 November 2021
Venue: Bussum, NL

Online deelname mogelijk

Tijdens deze training:

• Leer je de Reiki II-symbolen
• Leer je hoe je genezing op afstand uitvoert
• Ontvang je een Reiki II-afstemming
• Herzien we de Reiki I principes en verdiepen we onze verbinding hiermee
• Oefen en ontvang je een Reiki Healing
• Delen we diepgaande lessen over reinigingstechnieken
• Ontwikkel je het begrip van ‘spiritueel ruimte-opschonen’
• Oefen en herzie je het scannen van Byosen
• Ontvang je en Reiki II-handleiding
• Een Reiki II-certificaat

De voordelen van het doen van je Reiki II training zijn:

• Verwerf een dieper begrip van hoe je je subtiele fysieke, mentale en emotionele energieën in evenwicht kunt brengen en een duidelijk kanaal voor Reiki-energie kunt worden.
• Begrijp hoe Reiki 2-genezing kan helpen bij verschillende ziekten.
• Leer hoe je Reiki 2-symbolen kunt gebruiken voor niet-genezende en manifesterende doeleinden.
• Ontdek hoe je genezing kunt sturen om te genezen en het verleden los te laten.
• Leren hoe Reiki kan helpen om je meditatiebeoefening te verdiepen.
• Begrijp hoe je Reiki naar toekomstige doelen kunt sturen om ze te helpen manifesteren.
• Bewustwording ontwikkelen over hoe je veilig kunt oefenen als professionele reikitherapeut.

Van alle helende tradities die beschikbaar zijn, wordt in het Tibetaanse Mahayana-boeddhisme Reiki erkend als een systeem van natuurlijke genezing en wordt het aangemoedigd om anderen te onderwijzen om welzijn, weerstand en gezondheid te versterken, ondersteunen en te promoten.

Stuur een e-mail naar Claudia om uw boeking te bevestigen of voor meer informatie:

Investering: 180 euro pp

please email to book your space

For further updates on Yoga classes, Meditation, Yoga Retreats and Reiki Training you can also visit her page on Facebook: Om Shanti Yoga and Therapies


To deepen the understanding of the Science of Yoga, in March 2017, I spent a month studying Yoga philosophy and practice, in an Ashram at with Swami Samarpananda Saraswati, (Bihar School of Yoga), Tapovan, Rishikesh, India.

My course was very interesting and I learned so much. One of the teaching swamis told me during one of his lectures: ” Don’t be a great teacher, be a great yogi”. That meant a lot to me. During every yoga practice, we are always learning more and more about our selves and how Yoga helps us to peal of the layers of the ego, like the layers of an onion, in order to be able to find the true Self and how to connect with the Supreme Self. That is the path of the yogi.

As part of a solution to live a healthy lifestyle and share ways in how to improve one’s well-being, I continue to teach and offer workshops and offer also One-to-One sessions to clients. Yoga is a Path of living, so it doesn’t stop as soon as you leave the Yoga mat or Meditation cushion.

I have been teaching Hatha Yoga for over 20 years and teach Five Tibetan Yogas since 2008. I practice Yoga already for over 40 years myself. I have been a Reiki Teacher/Master since 2008. It would be an honour to share with you what has helped me to live a sustainable happy and healthy life.

All Retreats/ Trainings & Workshops will be announced on this page.

Mindful Painting Workshops

Claudia offers Mindful Mandala Painting Workshops. Being mindful whilst being creative can be therapeutic and empowering.

Claudia offers one-2-one sessions or workshops for groups and teams.

  • Individual Painting Workshops 
  • Group Painting Workshops


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