Solution Focused Workshops Nepal

The Introduction to Solution Focused Brief Therapy Workshops in Nepal were very well received and it looks like I will go back to share more of the SFBT approach. The students of the Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu were a delight to teach and it was wonderful to meet and work so many inspiring students and counsellors. The Nepal Mental Health Foundation also arranged a workshop for me to facilitate and this was very succesful. The Himalayan Healers Project organised a Solution Focused Workshop for their students and overall I can say that the aim of me going to Nepal and sharing the introduction of SFBT workshops has been a great success. I thank Sujen Maharjan, Jagannath Lamichhane and Ram Kumar for organising all the events and making me feel so welcome in Nepal. Also a big thank you to all workshops participants and everyone who made it possible for me to share SFBT in Nepal. I will write more about my experiences soon. Namaste! ~Claudia

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