2012 UKASFP Conference Workshop Details

Morning workshops:
1.Elliot Connie
Recreating the Honeymoon Tomorrow: The Solution Focused Approach with Couples
2.Catherine McGlone
Changes and challenges: Adopting a solution focused approach to consulting with children and young people assessed with social and emotional needs
3.Claudia Van Zuiden
Exploring SFBT in Nepal: can small steps make big changes in Developing Countries?
4.Greg Vinnicombe
Introducing a Solution Focused ‘culture’ into a medium sized housing association.
5.Mark McKergow
Narrative Emergence, or ‘what happens during and after SF’?
Afternoon Workshops:
6.Eileen McCabe / Neil Woodbridge
Transition Affects Carers Too: a Solution Focused Approach
7.Carey Glass
What happens when the client is an entire community?
8.Evan George
Solution focused for 25 years
9.John Pihlaja
Why every client should have a death wish and why your clients should resist your good intentions: Solution Focused Extremes of Utilisation for Client and Community.
10.Shakya Kumara
iFLOW: Time Management You’ve Got Time For

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