Walking our Talk

Solution Ways has been offering ‘Talking and Walking’ Therapeutic Solution Focused Sessions for a while now. Some people feel their road to recovery benefits more by walking and talking rather than sitting inside an office and talk ‘face to face’. Being in Nature seems to help finding solutions to the problems they wish to resolve.

2 thoughts on “Walking our Talk”

  1. Nice idea, Claudia!! I have experienced the difference between walking the talk and sitting to talk, I have found the former one to be fluid and going on with the pace. I would like to know how your clients feel about it as the sessions.


    1. Hi Sujen, I have noticed that the walking and talking therapy particularly appeals to the male clients. Perhaps it relates to men often like working ‘shoulder to shoulder’ rather than ‘face to face’? I also notice that women like to sit for a while looking at nature, this seems to give time for reflection on what has been discussed so far. Thanks for the feedback.

      With best wishes,

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