The Hive

What is the Hive?

The Hive is a support network and platform for business women, women entrepreneurs, women in leadership roles, women who are looking for inspiration to continue their creative and productive ideas and any other women who feel that they might benefit of actively participating in this group.

Being part of this networking group we can call upon different strengths of others too and we will then network with women we actually know something about. We can then offer something in return of our strength, service or product, which will encourage mutual sharing and supporting each other.

How can that help a woman?

Feeling less isolated
Gaining more confidence
Getting business advice
Getting out of your own ‘rut’
Getting inspiration
Free advertising
Social Networking, such as Facebook

We can pass on our directory, such as who we have found helpful to work with or who worked for/with us. Somebody will always know somebody.

We aim to have some structure in every meeting and will have some time for ‘other stuff’ to talk about too. We will have themes for meetings, as we are all busy, so we’ll know what we will be attending and we will focus on the next theme also.

We encourage you to share advice, such as one women stated at the first meeting, that she has never advertised her business, in thirty years. Worth by mouth has been her strength. Which was helpful to hear for some other women.

We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting! Please invite your friends if you feel they want to be there too!

Meetings and events are announced on the Facebook Page:

The Hive

Next event:

The Hive Business Women Network Lunch Event

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