Meditation Session (includes Mindfullness Approach)

These are the dates for the next Meditation Sessions:

Meditation Courses, with Claudia van Zuiden
Claudia has over 30 years experience in Meditation and Hatha Yoga and teaches both and also teaches 5 Tibetan Yogas.

~Thursday Evenings Time: 7-8 pm at Solution Ways
Duration: 3 Weeks
Starts: 30.10.2014

Meditation has scientifically proven to help with stress reduction, increase concentration levels, improve sleeping patterns, and create feelings of peacefulness and happiness.

This course is for those wishing to learn how to meditate or for those who already meditate and wish to go deeper in their practice.

Course fee: £25 per person, booking essential.
To register please email Solution Ways:

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Toward a Psychology of Awakening

This is a book I find helpful to understand more of how spiritual practices of the East can be integrated with psychology of the West. Again it proves for me why the practice of Solution Focused Interventions in counselling settings in countries such as Nepal can work really well. The believe that understanding the different levels of mind, as discussed in Buddhism effect our actions, and then work with your skills and tools that you already have accumulated through life experiences, I feel can be well accepted in the Eastern countries as this is part of many people’s understanding how to go through daily life. This book might be of interest to those who also come from a psychological background and have an interest in the Buddhist philosophy. A worthwhile read I would say.