Progress and Present Solution Focused Team-building and Coaching Program

A few months I spoke at a conference organised by the Scottish Solution Focused Network about our Progress and Present Solution Focused Team-building and Coaching Program. The event was held at the Playfield Institute in Cupar, Fife, which is located within the Stratheden Hospital.
Training Days
Today the SSF Networking and Training day was hosted by Solution Ways and one of the topics we discussed today was how this PPSF-Program focuses on what is already working in a team/business and how to get your team/business to the next level. My clients find this program highly encourages their team and inspires the team to thrive rather than spending too much time on what is NOT working. When there is MORE focus on what IS working and this will be encouraged, improved and empowered, the outcome/goal is more likely to be successful. The progress can be measured, which will deliver evidence of improvement and success alike.

Solution Ways delivers programs in PPSF, which can totally be tailored to your company’s /team’s need.

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Introduction to Solution Ways Therapy, Coaching and Training

Hi here is our first video! We have made a video which gives you an introduction to Solution Ways Therapy, Coaching and Training by Claudia van Zuiden. Solution Ways is situated in Aberdeenshire, NE Scotland. Solution Ways specialises in Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Solution Focused Coaching, Solution Focused Interventions Training and Team building workshops. Hope you enjoy it! Huge thanks to ASolution Productions! ~Claudia