Taking Mindfulness off the cushion


Today I attended the Mindful Living Show in London. I was asked to speak at the Experience Zone about the 16 Guidelines for Life, which is one of the courses facilitated by the the Foundation for Development for Compassion and Wisdom (FDCW).

Over the last few years, I attended the Level 1, 2 and 3 Training in the 16G and am now a worldwide accredited 16G facilitator and am occasionally invited to speak about the Training Pathway for 16G.

The FDCW had a stall too at the MLS, where I helped out a few hours too today, and the event had a great turnout. I found that the group of people who attended the Experience Zone 16G talk, engaged really actively and positively with the experiences I offered. The feedback I got was really constructive and I am really happy that it was an inspiring experience for the participants.

Besides being on the stall for FDCW as well today, I also had an opportunity to visit some of the stalls and attend some of the talks/workshops. It was such a great atmosphere at the show and I managed to find some great meditation cushions for my Yoga and Meditation Classes too. Another great experience was to meditate on a Resonance Plate – I had never tried this before and was asked at the MLS if I wanted to try it. I can see why people want to buy these tools for meditation as it really helped me to focus and to have a deep meditative experience. If you ever have a chance to try this yourself – I could highly recommend it.

I also was offered a sample kit from Atlantis Skincare – their stall got my attention due to a display of all the natural ingredients they use for their products, and even though there is not a low price tag on the products, considering how little creme I needed to feel the skin on my hands soften, I think it will be worth the investment.

As we all know by now, being Mindful goes of course much further than just sitting on a meditation cushion. To become aware of how you think, act and relate to life and to know that we have a choice in how we think, act and relate, will create a Mindful Way of Living. I find that this also effects what we eat. I prefer to eat no meat nowadays- which I will write some more about at some other time.

So tonight, I ended up going for a vegetarian Indian meal at this hidden gem called Indian Veg. For £7.95 I had a delicious buffet style meal and was inspired by all the quotes displayed on the walls of the restaurant. One of them mentioned: “No one got ever poor by giving”. They also feel the homeless for free, which I thought was such a compassionate and selfless ethos to work by.

Tomorrow is the second day of the MLS and I am really looking forward to it – if you are in London, or nearby, I can highly recommend this event.

Off to rest now. – Claudia




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